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Experience the thrill of a lifetime at Adventure Bay, Kolkata’s premier water sports destination! Discover an array of heart-pounding activities that cater to adventurers of all ages.

What we offer:

  •  Adventure travel brings us closer to our inner self and gives us the chance to examine and challenge ourselves.

    The region that we are dealing with have cultural heritage that dates back to thousands of years and provide enough reasons to make this region worth exploring. The Adventure Bay invites you to be a part of the adventure seekers and explorers.

    If you are looking for an active holiday in India – From epic road trips, to trekking and climbing expenditure and from water-based activities to aero sports, we have got the perfect plan for you.



It is a seaside resort village in the state of West Bengal, India and lies in the East Midnapore district, at the Northern End of the Bay of Bengal. It is one the largest seaside resorts of West Bengal, fast-developing and is about 180km from Kolkata. Thousands of small crabs crawl and simmering field of the red flower mandar.


Geomorphologically, this area has relatively more and bigger waves than near tourist beach Mandarmoni. Digha is West Bengal’s most popular sea resort spot located South West of Calcutta. It is 187km from culcutta and described as the ‘Brighton of the east’ best for holidays.

Why Choose Us?

We have an amazing team of experts who continue to deliver the finest collection of services. our motto is to generate sustainable employment for the local people by training them and bringing them to work in the main stream of adventure tourism. We have a 24-hour support system that ensure to deliver full commitment to meet and exceed the travel needs and expectations of our guests at every point along the travel continuum.